Where are they Now?

This information is updated, although not necessarilly accurate, as of August, 2004. Some of it I know to be true, some of it is second hand, some of it is simple GoogleStalk. If this were a court of law, I'd be arrested.

Neila Smith - is married, living in Portland, Maine with her husband, a professional photographer, and her very tall, red haired son. Big surprise there. She left WCAS for Channel 56, moved to WCVB-TV, was a consumer reporter for WCBS-TV in New York and an anchor in Portland along the way.She recently co-hosted a morning program on one of the Portland stations, and started (and is still involved in) Well Suited, a non-profit which helps poor women reenter the workplace.

Moe Shore - is married, living in a suburb of Boston. Two daughters, as I recall. He works for one of the big movie film camera companies (forgive me, Moe, I forget which). I talked to him about a year ago, maybe a little more. I started the conversation with "Is this Moe Shore of the Show More Moe Shore Show? This is Agent Hanratty of the FBI." He went for it.

Donna Halper - is a consultant for radio, living in the Boston area. She has quite a track record, including stints at WMMS, Cleveland and other major markets, and has written a few books on the business, among other things. She's currently working on her Ph.D.

Don Cohen - I am told he is a psychotherapist in the New York area which somehow does not come as a surprise. He also does parttime counseling for students with diabilities at Hunter College. Married to a woman who sold for the Real Paper, although they didn't know each other then.

Lisa Karlin - is married, two kids, living in the New York area. She has worked for Time, Inc. for 14 years, and recently moved to People Magazine as the radio reporter for CBS Radio Networks.

Frank Dudgeon - best I can find, Frank worked at WUMB in Boston for a while, then as host of Morning Edition on Wichita's NPR affiliate. I haven't heard from him since ever.

Jim Chevalier - spent several years in France, then returned to California doing acting and writing, and technical writing for software companies. He has written one book, and is writing another, on 18th Century France. More at www.chezjim.com

Hester Fuller - went to Vermont, and I am told she now teaches at Harvard, so she may not be far from the old stomping grounds.

Judith Brackley - managed another Boston station for a while, WFNX, and according to someone, became corporate communications director for Iron Mountain, a data storage company.

Gene Kelly - Production whiz Gene Kelly is an actor in New York City, and still starving he says. During the past decades he has been married, has a daughter who is a dancer and son living in Australia who is a rapper. Gene is about to have an Aussie grandson! In the meantime he has been around Vermont, Montreal and elsewhere, and says he is "older, heavier, and HE KNOWS HIS HAIR WILL GROW BACK."

Rick Starr - mostly covered here. However I'm retired and enjoying my life in Knoxville, TN. Married, no kids.

David Misch - went into television and movies. Many writing credits, including two years writing Mork & Mindy, the Duckman TV series (Supervising Producer credit too), "Monsters" and more.

Dan Murphy - http://www.opost.com/dlm/

Peter Stassa - owns and runs a video production company in Framingham. Find out more at www.davideocompany.com . Pete is married and has a nine-year-old daughter

I admit I don't know much of the doings of the folks who followed my tenure, but if they want to write and give me a few sentences, I'll be happy to add them.

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